Update: Gimme Some Truth! with Nick Cohen – New Time, New Room

Gimme Some Truth! with Nick Cohen is now held:

Every Monday in room 340.
6.30 – 7.30pm


Come get a project you want feedback on appraised by a jury of your peers.
Instant feedback given within 5 seconds.
100% honesty GUARANTEED.
Use it to see if your project is heading in a strong direction.
Use it to get unstuck.
Use it to stop working in the dark.
Everyone is welcome to join the live jury panel and dole out some truth.
It’s exciting.
It’s fun.
It’s sometimes brutal.
The workshop is designed for AAU ADV students to help each other find our own special mojo.


• Submissions for judgement must be sent to cohennick@mac.com by midnight every Sunday to be included. No exceptions.
• All ideas must take no more that 3 minutes to present.
• The creator must attend workshop for their work to be judged.
• All people courageous enough to share work must be applauded and lauded.


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